Crowdfunding marketing services to help your campaign.

Crowdfunding promotion and raising money by yourself is not an easy task. You will most likely need crowdfunding marketing solutions that are effective and help get your campaign going. Let us show you why we offer the best crowdfunding marketing services and save thousands of dollars on hiring a consultant with our solutions.
Our services provide guaranteed backers, good comments, social media marketing, social signals, email marketing, press releases, and more. We focus mostly on Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns but our crowdfunding marketing solutions can also help GoFundMe and other crowdfunding platforms. If you are planning to launch a new campaign, do not hesitate to contact us!

Trusted by the best crowdfunders

Campaigns that are Kickstarter staff picks, featured in categories, or that became successful used our crowdfunding marketing services. We want to assist your campaign with becoming successful, let's start working together before time runs out.


  • Campaign Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Guaranteed Backers
  • Social Shares
  • and so much more...



You should use our crowdfunding marketing agency to assist you with your crowdfunding efforts instead of trying to raise money on your own. We assisted over 100 campaigns. Check out all the real testimonials on our services page.


We help you get the funding for your projects

First we start off by making suggestions for your crowdfunding campaign to make it better and provide you with an easy to understand campaign optimization report.

Once your campaign looks good, we send out a email newsletter then start the social media marketing. Press releases along with distribution, ranking your press release, and social signals is optional with our higher plans. You can get started using our crowdfunding marketing agency and services for only $49.


Watch our promotion video to see what KickRank does in order to give your crowdfunding campaign a boost that it needs. According to statistics only about 35% of crowdfunding campaigns are successful. Our mission is to increase that percentage by helping more crowdfunder's reach their funding goals.


Why use KickRank? Our crowdfunding promotion services will boost your campaign’s chances at becoming successful. Our crowdfunding marketing agency offers guaranteed backers, good comments, social media marketing and more to assist your campaign with raising more funds.

It is not easy running a crowd funding campaign. Most crowdfunders are struggling and are disappointed when their campaign ends without reaching their goal while other crowd funding campaigns are thriving on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

What makes KickRank better than others? There are others who send you a lot of traffic but not even one backer. We offer guaranteed backers with our top 4 plans and you could get a lot more than the minimum. Every feature of our plans will give your campaign a boost it needs.

How do you get started? You can start by selecting one of our plans that fit in your budget. Our most popular plan is the Ultimate but if you have a higher budget then definitely use our Super Ultimate plan. After or before you order, just send us your crowd funding campaign’s url.

Why are you struggling with raising money? Most crowdfunders are only good at their profession, running their business, or inventing cool products. The crowd funding advertising you get from our agency will help you worry less about marketing your campaign since you have marketing experts by your side. Let us show you why our crowdfunding marketing strategy is the best by improving your campaign with our advanced solutions.

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